You sense there is more to this life than the every day reality that appears to us all.

You hear the calling and sense the ineffable knowing that a part of you possesses intuitive abilities that could transform your life and the ones around you.

You wish to raise your vibration and increase your awareness of what being a lightworkers and starseed really implies. Or maybe you are now convinced of your multidimensional self and simply desire to upgrade your intuitive gifts to your next level.

I will help you...

Clear your mental & emotional blocks •  Ignite your intuitive potential

Hello!  I am Nathalie.  I have been practicing Therapeutic & Intuitive Hypnosis for over 10 years now and I have helped over 2000 persons.

Taking myself in a constant trance state with my clients unlocked a telepathic and channeling ability which helps me connect to people's Higher-Self and Cosmic team.

My sessions are in fact activations where energetic & emotional trapped blocks are eliminated, and dormant psychic awareness is revealed. 

More about Nathalie

Clear guidance

When you decode your Higher-Self messages

Your Higher-Self is your wise self.  It has a broader perspective of your life journey and all the divine support accessible to you.  You receive its guidance daily through different forms : intuition, synchronicity, deja vu, unexpected events, coincidences and surprising encounters.  However, you don't always easily decipher those signs coming to simply realign your life trajectory.

As an intuitive hypnotist & multidimensional channeler, I can help you retrieve more pertinent guidance, and accelerate the emotional and physical block removal process.  This method not only allows you to download spiritual data but also to ignite a transformational energy shift.  You feel that your energy centers are opening up and are releasing trapped emotions to facilitate healing.

Whether you choose to work with me in a private or group setting, pure guidance will come through and an ongoing shift will occur to change your ability to feel this deep connection with your highest aspect and your spiritual team.  Divine support will easily flow, and dimensional portals will open up to raise your frequency to a point that your intuitive abilities will rapidly expand.


Strengthening Your Intuition & Multidimensional Communication

Group Activations

In a group of 2 or 4, with friends or like-mind people, receive guidance from your Higher-Self with opening and integrative activations

Private Sessions

Receive clear guidance around questions you may have about health, emotional blocks, spiritual growth, past lives, guides & star family, relationships, trapped energy [ 30 & 60 minutes ]


Join our community and feel a constant support with my activations, conversations, Q&As, monthly member sessions and access to numerous activations 


Maintain a constant and deep connection with your highest guidance system with my online supportive trainings


Receive concrete and personalized support to help you discover or elevate your intuitive abilities. Clearings, Channelings, upgrades and assignments are part of the process

"Nathalie is an incredibly gifted healer.  I got a chance to experience her gift for a month and wow it was so insightful.  The first recording she sent me was so vivid and I completely connected to it and went very deep, like in a theta phase.  What she told me on my own personal recordings, were so spot-on and exactly what I needed to hear!  I was incredibly shocked after the recording ended, how powerful and how personal that was to me.  I have never experienced anything like that before and I am so grateful I was able to work with her.  I would highly recommend you to work with Nathalie, she is very intuitive and will help give you the insight you've been looking for."

Amy Turner
Therapist - San Diego

"Nathalie’s messages were each profound and meaningful, honestly, they blew me away.  It was amazing that she said words that resonated so deeply given we had never met or even talked by telephone. These words were channeled because they each directly correlated to a challenge I was face at that exact time.   I was able to gain insight into decisions necessary in my business and felt energetically freer to move forward.   There was even specific direction of what I could do myself if I needed more clarity.  Having a clear set of actions to take to gain insight was by far the most meaningful part of the process for me. I can’t recommend Nathalie enough.  She is a gifted intuitive and this protocol was clearly designed as a gentle but very real energetic upgrade."

Christy Bartelt
Inner Work Mentor - Wisconsin

"I received a series of intuitive and hypnotic healings through Nathalie. Nathalie's voice is very soothing and I experienced an expanded sense of personal awareness which left me feeling clearer and lighter. Her technique has helped me to identify patterns of belief and create a lasting change in my confidence. Thank you Nathalie for your personalised and professional care."

Jodi Gibbs
Hypnotherapist & Counsellor - New South Wales

"I've been working with Nathalie on the Intuitive Hypnosis over the last month and it's been so effective! Without knowing me at all, Nathalie was able to channel some very clear knowledge on what I needed to work on, and something we stumbled across in the sessions literally became a fundamental part of the change I manifested in my life. I highly recommend these sessions with Nathalie!"

Ali Chambers
Intuitive Bodyworker - New Zealand

"I had the honour and pleasure to take part in a therapeutic hypnosis with Nathalie. I began the session with no expectations as this was my first time. To my surprise, Nathalie’s gift sent me on a deep journey. Almost two weeks later I am still gaining insight into what unfolded. Her kind and gentle approach made me feel safe to go deep within. Thank you for your time and generosity, my friend."

Benjamin Bollich
School Teacher & Sound Healer

"I recently had a one-on-one session with Nathalie and I could not recommend her more. In fact, I have already recommended her services to countless individuals who are feeling lost and are in need of answers. My session with Nathalie was incredible. She channels in a very clear manner and she answers so many questions that you might have. Nathalie channeled my spirit guides, my main guide who is a part of my star family, and she also went through some of my past lives. She even went as far as to let some [physical] pain go and delivered a message to me from that past life. I cannot recommend her enough and I'll be referring future clients and friends to her in the future!"

Anastacia Khan
Teacher - Los Angeles

Home Activations

Use those specific activations and transformational visualizations to work on blocks you wish to clear and unlock your intuitive abilities to their next level

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