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Higher-Self Connection Bundle

Initiate a deep connection with your Higher-Self

Experience a profound state of relaxation where you will be able to communicate and receive guidance from your most precious ally --> Your Higher-Self

This unique audio bundle contains 2 transformational recordings :

 1. Clearing blockages 

  • Identify emotional, physical and energetic blockages
  • Initiate inner-clearing and general rebalancing of your physical vessel and subconscious mind to invite high dimensional guidance to come through
  • Set a fertile base for clearer guidance coming from your Higher-Self and higher vibrational energies

2. Higher-Self Connection

  • Enjoy physical and mental relaxation
  • Open the communication channel with your guidance system
  • Feel an energy clearing taking place
  • Experience oneness with your spiritual self
  • Receive concrete guidance on topics you wish answers for
  • Boost your own sixth sensory abilities
  • Decode synchronicity and signs that are sent to you as support
  • Maintain the dialogue open with your Higher-Self after the meditation has ended

What People Are Saying:

Wow. That was powerful. I cried. I healed. I gave my hurt to the tree. I was glad but so sad as I saw my favourite tree whom I touch in the same spot each time I walk in the park. He is old and majestic and now I know why he has cancer...he has been taken human pain away for a long pong time.

Erin B

Such a lovely experience. Thank you Natalie for this generous gift. 🙏

Diana F