Initiate a deep connection with your Higher-Self


Experience a profound state of relaxation where you will be able to communicate and receive guidance from your most precious ally --> Your Higher-Self

This unique audio bundle contains 2 transformational recordings :


1. Clearing blockages 

  • Identify emotional, physical and energetic blockages
  • Initiate inner-clearing and general rebalancing of your physical vessel and subconscious mind to invite high dimensional guidance to come through
  • Set a fertile base for clearer guidance coming from your Higher-Self and higher vibrational energies

2. Higher-Self Connection

  • Enjoy physical and mental relaxation
  • Open the communication channel with your guidance system
  • Feel an energy clearing taking place
  • Experience oneness with your spiritual self
  • Receive concrete guidance on topics you wish answers for
  • Boost your own sixth sensory abilities
  • Decode synchronicity and signs that are sent to you as support
  • Maintain the dialogue open with your Higher-Self after the meditation has ended

Activate a true connection now!

Increase your intuitive abilities

Clients have experienced ongoing shifts with these recordings. This ever evolving dual process clears more blocks and accentuate your connection with your true essence, every time you experience the activations.

Nathalie Ristord, Multidimensional Channeler

Nathalie is originally a certified and experienced hypnotist who has created her own unique method where channeling is blended to proven hypnotherapy methods. Intuitive Hypnosis (Higher-Self & Multidimensional Connection) helps you dive into the information she perceives for you as if you were channeling them directly. From these experiences, not only do you receive precious cosmic guidance but you also ignite energetic re-alignment and cosmic expansion. Once the connection has been initiated, you will continue receiving guidance on your own.