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2020-2021 Energy Clearing & Focused Energies

Start the year with a clean energetic vibration

What you'll get:

  • 2 activations
  • A year long dense energy clearing process
  • The ability to regularly update your life goals and spiritual receptivity

Can be used together at first, then as needed together or separately.

This bundle contains 2 activations and 3 files.

Activation #1 - Audio => Enter a deep state of relaxation where you will contact with your Higher-Self and Star Family.  You will be invited to review the positive energies you have integrated in 2020, followed by a guided process which will help you delete all conscious and unconscious trapped energies (collective and personal).

Activation #2 - Audio & Video => You will be guided to establish goals for 2021.  This step will be followed by highly vibrational connection with this year available energies as well as the vibrations present at the moment you experience this activation.  You will not only be able to discover which energies you can use to fulfill your goals, but you fill also also align yourself best with your life purpose.

You can use this process as many times as desired throughout the year or until your goals are achieved and you wish to envision new objectives.


What People Are Saying:

Unbelievably accurate and recharging. It is actually difficult to completely measure what just happened so deep the experience was. My body energy shifted and I feel more aware of the energies and guides around me.


Thanks Nathalie. Your activations really helped me clear fears around me being a clairvoyant and lightworker. I actually did feel a massive energy download during your activations and since then (it's been 10 days now) I feel my gifts rising to new heights. I feel more open and receptive to growth. Amazing.

Jess V.