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Coded Signs & Message Decryption Activation

Understand the signs sent to you daily by clearing any mental filters blocking you from deciphering the messages.

Short theory + Activation

Your Higher-Self & Cosmic Family speak

Learn to look for potential signs of guidance coming spontaneously or after asking a question

Unique Decryption Ability

Trust your ability to decipher the signs coming to you >> collective, symbolic and individual messages

Mental Filter Removal

If you can't fully accept and understand the messages coming to you, mental blocks need to be removed to increase your intuitive abilities - Activation

Divine messages you don't want to miss anymore

Not only will you learn about your own multidimensional deciphering system, but you will also visualize and sense your own rise into your next level of intuitive connection and personal guidance coming from higher dimension into your immediate 3D world.

What People Are Saying:

I am really amazed at how quickly I felt aligned with the visions and how it impacted in my life. I saw in real time everything that was shown to me in the activation as guiding signs.


A really amazing experience. Natalie gave us great and easy tips to trust our intuitive guidance. The activation was out of this world. So many images and indications came through. Right after the session ended, I saw 2 signs that were shown to me in the activation. And they felt right and authentic.